Underfloor heating controls

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Robot RCE


The RCE is a Robot Room Control system. The RCE consists of a room thermostat and receiving unit, which can be connected wireless or hard-wired. The receiver is available in 1 channel or 8 channel. The receiver with 1 channel communicates with 1 thermostat. Receivers with 8 channels can communicate with 1 to 8 thermostats. The system has several intelligent functions, like an adaptive/self learning weekly program, a holiday function, the possibility to connect external sensors, external temperature control via GSM-switch and more.



Robot  RCE Controls

The system:


  • timeless & exclusive design

  • remote control via a mobile phone (option)*

  • login/analysis function*

  • wired or wireless communication in the same box (868 MHz)*

  • automatic testing for pump and valves*pump logic*

  • 2 potential free contacts (for heat source and pump)*

  • simple programming and use

  • simple installation*

  • only available on the RCE 8-channel receiver

Watts Controls


Watts Electronics has a wireless radio-frequency controlled system that is easy to install and allows full control of the temperature. The room thermostats provide precise temperature control in different rooms. This saves a great deal of energy. 

Some advantages:


  • No wiring between thermostat and central controlEasy communication between thermostat and central control

  • Easy programme entry

  • Optimal control, less energy consumption

  • Suitable for both heating and cooling

  • Equipped with a relay that the pump/boiler switches on for heating

  • Equipped with an active antenna as standard