Underfloor Heating Pricing Guide

The above costs excluded VAT


1. When Calculating the cost for your underfloor system select whether to include 150c/c, Lewis plates, installation and the CAD layout.


2 .Enter the area and floor type of the floors requiring underfloor heating and a total cost will be displayed.


The above material cost includes the underfloor heating manifold, 16mm pipe, underfloor fixings & controls.


Lewis plates are used when a low temperature heat source is being used with Underfloor heating on a joisted floor.


150C/C is increasing the space between the pipe runs to 150mm to increase the underfloor heating output, this will allow you to run the heat source at a lower temperature.


If your build is larger than 500m2 it is recommended you e-mail your drawing to info@robotunderfloorheating.co.uk for a more accurate quotation.

Link up kits for extensions or conservatories

These kits are easy to install and are designed to link up with existing central heating systems in small extensions or conservatories, see bottom of page for some technical advice. For projects with a larger scope contact us for a quotation.

Each kit includes

  1. Self regulating manifold with Grundfos ups pump suitable for 1-3 groups. Includes thermostatic valve, safety stat , stopcock, temperature gauge and mounting kit.
  2. 1 , 2 ,3 125m rolls of standard PE-RT 80 pipe
  3. One room stat
  4. Tie wires/ staples / Screw clips depending on proposed installation.

Add on kits are ideal for

  1.     New extensions
  2.     Conversions
  3.     Conservatory
  4.     Bathrooms
  5.     Kitchens

To order: Check the floor construction examples given here. Make a note of the drawing number that shows the floor construction you will be using we need this to supply you with the correct fixings.
Consult the chart below for your room type and floor area.
To order by Phone please have your credit or debit card ready. Make a note of your kit number and floor drawing no and call

When measuring up the area to be heated make an allowance for areas not to be heated e.g. under kitchen units and baths. Typically allow the length of the units X 0.6 for kitchens. 1.5sqm for baths 1 for showers and 0.25 for WC's. So a 8sqm bathroom with a bath, shower and WC will have an area to be heated of 5.25sqm. When installing a link up kit with an existing radiator system the flow and return should be taken from as close to the boiler as possible and in any case after the system pump.

The kit as it comes includes a room stat. This is fine when you do not want independent control i.e. the radiator system and the underfloor will be on at the same time. Ideally we would like the underfloor heating to be on two hours earlier, so if the room to be heated is in use first thing in the morning independent control is recommended.

To achieve this your radiator system will need to be fed through a two port valve this will be controlled by your existing radiator timer. You may already have this arrangement. Instead of a room stat your underfloor heating is controlled by a clock stat which fires the boiler direct.

Unlike our full systems add on kits are not supplied with a CAD drawing, as the pipe is generally going in to a single area a CAD is not really necessary. However we can supply one at a cost of £50.00 if required.

When pricing your project please select the closest rounded up area. If you are planning on using a heat pump or heat source with a low flow temperature it is recommended that you use 150c/c for the underfloor. If you require a more accurate quotation please send a scaled copy of your drawings along with your specified heat source to info@robotunderfloorheating.co.uk.