Robot delivers a variety of parts and accessories for the most common service and maintenance. Original products to maintain your installation.

Grundfos Pumps

Robot underfloor heating offer a range of Grunfos pumps for both the manifold and general plumbing needs.


Our manifold come with an option to replace the standard pump with a Grundfos Alpha 2 low energy pump. Details on this pump can befound on our online store.


Robot underfloor heating spare includes everything required to maintain or repair our underfloor heating systems. Spare available on our online store included 16/20mm repair connectors, thermal actuators and manifold flow & return valves.


For a full list of our spare click here.

Danfoss Controls

As well as our standard Watts controls and Robot RCE controls we also off a danfoss option. All of our danfoss system come with a dual channel clock, hard wired room stat snf room stats with air sensors for bathrooms.


The standard danfoss wiring center FH-WC is an eight zone floor heating wiring centre for use in systems having hard wired room thermostats.In addition to providing a structured wiring system for zone thermostats and associated thermal actuators, the FH-WC also incorporates two voltage free heat demand relays that are activated when one or more zones call for heat.


Underfloor heating fixings

Fixings & Tools

Robot underfloor heating offer a range of options for the installation of underfloor heating in solid & joisted floors. The attached brochure will cover the most commonly used methods.


Click here for the brochure.